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Bringing New Efficiencies with Virtualization

How can we help you reduce costs and increase flexibility?

Allowing you to dynamically share critical and expensive resources between applications on demand, server and desktop virtualization technology gives your organization a new set of choices to increase flexibility, reduce cost, and directly address space, power and cooling issues.

To help you leverage the full capabilities of virtualization, PCS takes a holistic view of your data center infrastructure and aggregates your server, storage, and network hardware to deliver benefits that include server consolidation, higher systems availability, and rapid deployment for new application workloads.

The Case for Virtual Desktops

Desktops and laptops may seem like a small part of the IT infrastructure of a company, but because of the sheer numbers, the total effect on power, management complexity, risk to the business and administrative overhead can be staggering. The cost of desktops and laptops has many components beyond the initial acquisition.

With a full service solution combining a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and thin clients, you can achieve significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Reduced deployment cost and time
  • Reduced time spent on moves, adds and changes
  • Reduced space on the desk
  • Reduced power and associated cooling costs
  • Reduced data security risk
  • Reduced overhead related to software deployments and patch management
  • Reduced resources required for ongoing management
  • Increased user productivity for remote workers
  • Better business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities

These benefits can be easily achieved using PCS desktop virtualization services. If you’re interested in seeing the savings you can realize with desktop virtualization, you can request our desktop virtualization assessment.

 The Advantages of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is at the heart of cloud computing. In order to have a truly flexible environment in which resources are expanded and contracted on-the-fly, you’ll need server virtualization. Our virtualization practice at PCS has completed over 100 projects related to virtualization and continues to grow.

There are many advantages to server virtualization which corrects the many inefficiencies of having racks and racks of servers, including the following:

  • Too many servers consume valuable floor and rack space
  • Each old server consumes as much as 1,000 watts of power
  • Each old server can produce as much as 3,000 BTU/hr
  • Deploying a new server for a new application requires procuring the server, installing the hardware, and then loading the image
  • The weight of many old and inefficient servers imposes requirements of excessive floor strength and careful positioning of equipment
  • Each server requires cabling for power, monitor, keyboard, mouse, networking, LAN, SAN, management, and possibly multiple cables for redundancy

With these inefficiencies in mind, what can you expect from a virtualized environment from PCS?:

  • Fewer physical servers to manage
  • Fast deployment of new virtual servers, which does not require procuring a new server
  • Greatly reduced power consumption with fewer servers
  • Greatly reduced cooling requirements with fewer servers
  • Greatly reduced floor and rack space and associated weight concerns

If you’re ready to talk more about server virtualization, contact PCS and we’ll setup an assessment for you that will demonstrate the huge savings you can expect in your environment with server virtualization.

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