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Technology Solutions

Enterprises can now build a simplified, highly resilient network design that delivers as much as

2 times

the performance and up to 65% lower costs.

Technology Solutions Networking

Driving Dynamic Network Solutions

How do we bring you high-performance infrastructures?

PCS helps customers capitalize on the continuing advancements in networking technology. We have deep expertise in the design and implementation of the most advanced converged network and unified communications solutions based on IP networks, and bring you the benefits of high availability and optimal security – all with lowered complexity and costs.

With a proven framework driven by tested tools and templates, we can deliver a comprehensive solution that is adapted to the realities of your environment. Our infrastructures account for:

  • Physical Redundancy
  • Network Convergence
  • Network Performance
  • Switch Uplinks
  • Routed Links with LAN Infrastructure
  • WAN Links
  • Server Connections

Network Assessments

To ensure we build from the correct foundation, we’ll begin your networking project with an assessment. The PCS Network Assessment evaluates all aspects of your network environment. After conducting the assessment, the PCS team will craft an advanced solution that will ensure your immediate network problems are fixed, as well as a three-year plan to ensure your network will support all the new services and technologies you plan to deploy. Visit our Network Assessment page to learn more about our analysis or to schedule an appointment today.