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Professional Services Asset Disposal

Disposing IT Equipment to EPA Standards

How do we help recycle technologies in an environmentally-conscious way?

PCS provides support services to dispose of PCs, monitors, printers and other IT-related electronic equipment identified by the client, following all of the EPA requirements by the use of vendors that are certified to perform the proper disposal, destruction or refurbishment of electronic equipment. PCS obtains guarantees that the proper procedures for disposing, destroying or refurbishing equipment are strictly enforced and maintained.

Our disposal service include:

  • Documented recycling of computer hardware and components in accordance with all state and federal guidelines through licensed computer recyclers
  • Data destruction of confidential information documented via camera on a DVD
  • Managed services for pick-up anywhere in North America through selling of equipment
  • Reimbursement for sold equipment if applicable

Pricing can be done on a per-bundle (Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, and mouse) cost, an hourly rate, or a piece by piece basis. Additional cost may be incurred depending upon the disposal requirements of the equipment.

PCS also offers a hard drive shredding service where a DVD of all HDs and a spreadsheet of all HD S/N’s are provided to the customer; pricing is based on drive quantities.

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